At Viviktha, yoga is not only about physical fitness or flexibility, but it is also about living a yogic lifestyle. Children are given a deeper knowledge of a yogic lifestyle. Asanas are only one of the eight limbs of yoga. Children will be introduced to mudras, chakras, meditations, kriyas, pranayama and bandhas. All these techniques help them to remain grounded and conscious throughout their lives. These ancient practices help them to take on various life situations that human beings face in this world. On a daily basis, the children are given a practice of a set of asanas, dhyanas and other techniques according to their physical, mental and spiritual makeup. At Viviktha, an early morning practice of an extensive yoga session gives the children a firm grounding to start the day with a positive and vibrant energy. Children will also take part in a fire ritual called “agnihotra” which is a fifteen minutes ritual at every sunrise and sunset. Teachers, too, are encouraged to participate in daily yoga sessions.