Yoga Program at Viviktha

Living a balanced life must be the goal for every individual, as it is the only key for experiencing complete development of the human body. Life becomes pleasant if you are stable in physical as well as mental and spiritual aspects. The finest way to achieve stability and experience oneness in life is Yoga. Having its roots from The Rigveda, Yoga is a cluster of spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines or practices originated in India. Normal schools across the globe usually do not offer regular yoga classes for fine results. However, you can find a regular yoga facility that believes in all-round development in some residential schools in India.

A special Yoga program is offered at Viviktha, a residential school for girls. The yoga program offered is a comprehensive activity for total body/mind transformation. Instructors at Viviktha focus on every aspect of yoga, which is the reason why our yoga classes tend to be a bit longer. We also invite expert yogis at regular intervals to offer workshops of special kriyas. Let us delve into some more information about yoga and Viviktha’s efforts to embrace it.

Type of Yoga at Viviktha

The ultimate goal of yoga is to attain the meaning of life. Our yoga program includes physical asanas for developing strength and flexibility along with breathing exercises (i.e., Pranayama that controls the flow of energy in the body). The yoga program at Viviktha is completely focused on keeping your child in a grounded state, which is ideal for learning. There are 3 yoga methodologies taken from Indian history which are considered at Viviktha:

The Classical Yoga

The classical yoga includes metaphysics, epistemology, systematic exercise, ethical practices and self-development practices for spirit, mind and body. It can also be termed as Ashtanga Yoga or Raja Yoga.

The Buddhist Yoga

Buddist yoga practices include Bhavana (development) and dhyana (meditation). Its ultimate goal is to achieve nirvana (cessation) or bodhi (awakening), which is also considered as the permanent end of suffering.

The Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga can also be termed as vidya. It is the yoga that focuses on mental as well as physical strength building postures and exercises described in the ancient Hindu literature.

These are the majorly defined yoga types included in the yoga program at Viviktha. Apart from this, we pay high attention to Pranayama that balances the airflow between Eda and Ingada Nadis (the left and right nostrils). When equal energies flow in Eda and Ingada Nadis, the Sushumna Nadi gets activated. The proper flow of prana in the Sushumna Nadi results in a completely balanced body. Pranayama helps in making the body work in harmony, which is the ideal state for being stable, learning and having a beautiful life experience.

Effects of Yoga on Young Souls

With the help of our special yoga program, Viviktha focuses on offering a beautiful life experience to young souls. We help all the children in experiencing a pleasant state of mind whether they are in the classroom, in the dining room or the playground. All the yoga and Neti Kriyas offered at Viviktha (such as Jala Neti, Sutra Neti, and Vastra Neti), help the child’s body to attain the state of equilibrium.

The yoga program at Viviktha includes physical asanas along with a regular practice of custom asanas for children having specific issues. For example, pranayama is offered for a child having breathing issues, dhyana (meditation) is offered with pranayama for a child having mental issues like depression/tension, and an appropriate set of asana practices is offered for a child having tightness in muscles in any part of their bodies. These asana practices will make their issues dissipate and they will then experience a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

Yoga Experts at Viviktha

The yoga curriculum at Viviktha has been designed by expert yogis from some renowned institutions like Gandhi Gyan Mandir and Bodhi Yoga. Moreover, individual experts of yoga have also shared their knowledge while developing the curriculum. The entire program is monitored continuously for modification and for keeping it precise to get the finest results. Our yoga experts are not only concerned with the physical aspect, but also take care of the mental and spiritual aspects of your child.