Why Sitting on the Floor is Important at Viviktha?

Written by Dr. Bela Dhillon

There are immense benefits of sitting cross-legged on the floor. It improves not only the physical health but also emotional, mental and spiritual health. In yoga, this posture is called Sukhasana in the Sanskrit language which means “posture of comfort.”

Physical and mental health benefits:

Posture improvement: One of the most important things in a learning center is the student’s posture. Good posture not only determines the students will be healthier physically, but it also means that they will be more comfortable in their bodies. With comfortable bodies, they are more attentive in their classrooms as well as in other learning environments. When we sit on the floor our body posture is automatically corrected with our back straightened, expanding our spine and pushing our shoulders back. Studies have shown that stable, good posture thus achieved by sitting on the floor improves attention, concentration and focus. At Viviktha we want to make use of this age-old wisdom and support our students to learn with better focus and concentration. This way they can learn the most during classroom study hours and focus on art, crafts, sports and other extra-curricular activities during after-study hours. Sitting on the floor benefits the body in many other ways. Here are more benefits:

  • Improves flexibility of spine muscles leading to lesser incidences of back and other musculoskeletal pains
  • Improves flexibility of hip and pelvic muscles
  • Improves flexibility of leg muscles
  • Helps in grounding: Harmful negative charges from the body can be easily neutralized by getting in touch with Mother Earth while sitting on the ground — this process is called grounding.
  • Improves blood circulation and makes the heart stronger: crossed-legged position helps
  • Improves digestion by secreting digestive juices in response to back and forth movements of the abdomen and improving circulation in digestive tract
  • Reduces incidences of arthritis
  • Calms the mind and facilitates relaxation
  • Helps in managing weight issues

Spiritual benefits of sitting on the floor:

Many spiritual teachings globally focus on upright, erect, stable posture. The erect spine is important to connect with higher dimensions and for cosmic energy to flow through our physical forms. It unblocks the energy meridians. We, being energy bodies, benefit tremendously from this cosmic energy.

Other benefits are:

Makes one humble and improves connection: humility is an important key to learning more in life; sitting on the floor helps to make it easier to connect with the spiritual. When we sit at the same level as children and animals, it becomes easier to connect to them.

Helps in Centering: Better connection to the core or center of who we are.

At Viviktha, sitting on the floor will be the way of life. Children and most teachers will be encouraged to sit on the floor in the classrooms, computer labs, dining hall, library and creativity rooms. Sitting on the floor without any aid is the optimal way to sit, but children will be offered meditation cushions and/or meditation ergonomic chairs if they are inclined to use these for more comfort and padding.