Libraries are gateways to a happy future. The excitement that bubbles up in a child while she reads a book, the expectation of what will happen on the next page and the thrill of the approaching climax are extremely precious in a child’s life. No television or video game can come close to replacing it.

Harry Truman was so right when he said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Reading lends wings of freedom to the reader’s imagination. While science fiction emboldens them to think beyond the limits of science, a biography of a scientist could tell them how to steadfastly focus on a problem until a solution is found. A comic book gives them laughs, while a spiritual book opens the gates to the reality of the Cosmos. As the children get in the habit of reading, they become mature, humble and hungry for more.

At Viviktha, books from a large range of topics invite the children to explore the world.  Each subject has a minimum of 200 books. There is a large section of non-fiction books (including biographies of leaders of nations, sports persons, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists) to stimulate the children to discover the keys to success from the life experiences of others. This could prove to be invaluable learning for children during their young age. Books about nature, ways of life of various religions of the world, recipes in cookbooks that they can experiment with at the Viviktha’s Kitchen, gardening and a host of other topics add tremendous value to a child. Viviktha’s library utilizes floor-seating. Children are given the freedom to sit or lie down comfortably as they like. The book racks are arranged in such a way that it is very easy for children to reach out and fetch a book.