Intentional School Culture

An ‘Intentional’ school culture is shaped with intent and keeps evolving over time. It transforms a school by creating coherence among all elements of school life, based on shared values, beliefs and behaviors from pupils, principal, teachers, other staff members as well as the parents. Everyone who is involved in the school is free to express and share his/her opinion to make for a better culture in the school.  Such a broad-minded culture could help cultivate excellence, build character, augment learning and improve upon the student’s achievements. Intentionally shaping a school’s culture in such a way also increases faculty trust, teamwork and co-operation. Students and staff members thrive and look forward to each day with enthusiasm in such an Intentional school. If school leaders want to improve the students’ academic achievement and personal development, they need to create an ‘Intentional’ school culture that builds character as well as distinction.

Viviktha is proud to be an ‘Intentional’ School.