The idea of Viviktha is to have a joint endeavor of the school staff with the parents to assist the child in finding her inner calling. We seek to engage with parents who are open-minded about the dialogue process and who are willing to participate in the unfolding process of their child’s ‘Self Discovery’. In entering the process of admissions, we hope it will become clear to the parents if Viviktha’s program of education is what they are seeking for their daughter(s). Parents and students cannot remain passive consumers; they are the designers of the process. We like parents to partner with us in the process of educating the children and to be actively involved. A genuine interest in enquiry, and a sustained commitment to exploring  questions relating to human nature and the world around us, are central to Viviktha’s work. A child benefits much more from the education at Viviktha when the parents and teachers are working in harmony, based on a complete understanding of the philosophy of the school. We, therefore, request that parents be sure they have a strong interest in the philosophy of the school before they seek admission for their daughter(s).

We are a small school and intend to remain so in the future as well; a smaller size allows us to work closely with every child. We offer admissions based on the interest and the level of involvement the parents express in the detailed admission form, and during the personal interaction.

Our annual regular school fee is 2.8 lakh for 3rd grade and Rs. 5000 increment for each grade.

We offer a limited number of partial and full scholarships to those parents who connect with the philosophy of the school, and are interested in enrolling their daughter(s), but who cannot afford the regular fees.