How Music Can Enhance One’s Mathematical Skills

Music and Mathematics are deeply interlinked just like our soul is interlinked with the mind. According to a great philosopher and mathematician, Gottfried Leibniz, music is a secret exercise in arithmetic of the soul, unaware of its act of counting. So, if your children are good in mathematics, music can help in enhancing their skills and vice versa without even realizing it. Music is basically an exercise of soul understanding the rhythm of numbers and we are here to explain it in both historical and scientific methodology. Kindly check out the following points that can elaborate how music can help you increase the mathematical grades of your children.

  • Historical Proven Relationship of Music and Mathematics: According to the ancient Greek Philosophers, there were seven liberal arts. The lower 3 named Trivium included grammar, logic and rhetoric and the upper 4 called Quadrivium was comprised of geometric, arithmetic, astronomy, and music. Greeks elaborated Quadrivium as the study of the entire universe with the help of numbers. They showcased arithmetic as the study of pure numbers, geometric as the study of numbers in space, music as the study of numbers in time, and astronomy as the study of numbers in space and time.
  • Scientific Relationship Between Music and Mathematics: Every kind of music is made up of different beats and according to physics, every beat creates a pulse, which collaboratively creates a waveform. Music is nothing but a group of pulses generated as a series of various notes in different patterns. We are completely aware of the fact that the result in mathematics always remains finite, however, there are infinite ways by which you can add, subtract, multiply and divide desired numbers. Similarly, musical notes can be arranged in endless combinations by the basic number of notes remaining finite. These patterns and combinations make music and mathematics quite similar and interlinked with each other.
  • Mathematics in Every Type of Music: Interestingly, every field of music whether you consider Western Melodic Pattern, the Hindu Raga, the Japanese Pentatonic Scale, or any other are somewhere linked to any mathematically derived code. Talking specifically about Indian Classical music, the concept of ‘taal’ here is fundamentally linked to numbers. The connection between music and mathematics has never been doubted in the past and was also considered as a complete single concept. Currently, we are surrounded by people having either mathematical/scientific mentality or verbal/artistic mentality; however, there was a time when mathematics and music used to hold the liberal arts together.
  • General Connectivity Between Music and Science: Music and Mathematics are basically interlinked as both require complete concentration. The individuals who are trained in music are observed to get higher grades in mathematics as compared to the students who are not trained in music. Moreover, according to some research, the link between music and mathematics is driven by some high-level skills, which are essential for both the subjects like executive functions that allow the individuals to adjust while changing the task demands.


Music and Mathematics are the two subjects which are interlinked by their roots. Mastering one of them will undoubtedly make a great positive impact while learning the other one. There is no scientific proof of how this happens, but it is statistically proven that people who are good in mathematics can easily learn music and people who are good at music can easily play with numbers while learning mathematics.