Exclusive Girls School

Viviktha is an all-girls school. We are intentionally creating an environment for the girls to express themselves freely and openly. Research studies across the globe suggest that girls do best in terms of academic success, and in other areas of their lives, with a well-rounded development in an exclusive girls environment. Students who graduate from such schools enroll in colleges much more than those from a co-ed environment.  These girls tend to become more entrepreneurial in nature and become leaders as they are well versed with such skills, thanks to the ample opportunities in their schools that accentuate these characteristics in them.

With boys around, girls become more conscious of their bodies and not as conscious of their minds. They tend to take a back seat in the presence of boys. But when it comes to a girls-only school, girls are more confident, flow with ease and feel more comfortable because in this environment, they are inherently clear in their thoughts and naturally in control. Do you know that girls do better in sports when boys are not around? They feel more comfortable with only girls around them. In a co-ed school, girls are generally under-represented in mathematics, computer science and technology. But in a girls-only school, they may show a greater interest in these subjects than when they are in the company of boys.

In an exclusive girls school, the entire school is geared towards the girls’ issues.