Discover Yourself

"When I discover who I am, I’ll be free."

~ Ralph Ellison

Viviktha is a concept school that believes in children’s ability to find their true selves. The focus is on each child finding her own niche, her own inner calling, at her own pace.  The campus is a place of tranquility and contemplation for children who will to discover who they really are and how they want to see themselves in life.  Viviktha provides a loving and supportive space for the children to do this at their own pace. We facilitate the process, but we do not judge them or ask them to swim when what they really want is to run. We know that we, like their parents, have them only for a few years before they fly away. Our goal is to make their flight as blissful as possible. Along with their parents, we offer to collaboratively work to enable the children to have a wonderful and fulfilling life experience.

The idea is to unearth the latent talent in every child and inspire her to think. Teachers do not think for them. When needed, guidance and support are always available. It is not dictated that every child has to climb trees or to swim. However, we ensure that climbers do not fall and swimmers do not drown. The real effort is in finding out who the climbers, swimmers, archers or the mathematicians are, and letting them delve deeper into their respective individual callings without hesitance and with enthusiasm.

While the school’s philosophy is to not rush children into something for which they are not yet ready, it does not mean mediocrity is encouraged. Children are inspired to have a willing mind to succeed and a willing mind to prepare to succeed, because a will to succeed is just not enough to sail through. A will to prepare and practice to succeed is what makes all the difference. At Viviktha, children are encouraged to find their inner calling and once they do, they are motivated to nurture it. It is not hard work but smart work that enables their imaginations  to come alive. It is the strategy that succeeds, not mere valor. We support the children in creating strategies to guide their dreams to come to fruition by offering a healthy environment of creativity and freedom.

We have a formal process for the teachers to observe and record the responses of the children towards various activities.  They are given more opportunities to engage in the activities closest to their heart. For example, a child who opens up when she gets a chance to be in the kitchen would be provided more information on nutrition, various cuisines and such. And to the girl who enjoys writing algorithms, more opportunities to design products and such would be provided.