Corona Readiness

While most focus has been on social distancing, masks, hand sanitizers, PPE kits and quarantine, developing immunity is the most appropriate action that one can take to avoid getting seriously affected by novel Corona virus.

At Viviktha, our primary focus is on boosting children’s and staff members immunity. They are encouraged to have higher immunity by various means. Of course, the other means mentioned above are also part of the Corona readiness but primary focus is on boosting immunity.

The following is a multipronged approach to build strength and immunity of children from inside out :-


Locally grown non-GMO food has the code to fight local microorganisms. A guava grown in one’s back yard has more potency and disease fighting nutrients than an apple coming from Kashmir or a strawberry coming from America. At viviktha, we try to obtain produce from local farmers or grow ourselves on the campus, a process in which children will also participate.

We have come up with a balanced food approach in our kitchen. Food served has a perfect balance of vitamin (especially Vitamin A, C and D) enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients. Salads, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, herbs and spices from various cuisines of the world make the food not only nutritious and healthy but also interesting and mouth-watering. Children like the diversity and consume the delicacies to their heart’s content. This results in optimum health in their physical and mental bodies which prepare them very well to fight any disease-causing organisms.


Children wake up early at Viviktha and engage in yoga, Surya namaskar or sun salutation, pranayama, and meditation. These ancient practices are known to bring harmony, grounding, centering, balance, flexibility, and wellbeing. Children are also encouraged to participate in various activities, games, and sports without touching each other. While dis-ease is seen in the physical body, the causes of the sickness are almost always linked to an imbalance in the mental make-up of the patient, as scientific studies suggest. A calm and balanced mind is better equipped to fight external organisms than an agitated, anxious, depressed or restless mind. Our children have an edge in this aspect.


Viviktha girls wake up early and sleep early, following the body’s circadian rhythm based on light. They are active during the day and wind down as the sun sets and take to an early bed. Sound sleep gives them the much-needed rest to their young and growing bodies. The well-rested bodies are more prepared to generate the antibodies to wage a fight against external organisms.


Children at Viviktha are in nature more than they are in confined spaces. Every child takes at least one or more classes per day outside their classrooms, under the trees. This gives children the well-needed oxygen to their lungs. It is shown that the number of breaths per minute is less in those who spend their time outside in nature than those between walls. Fewer the breaths, healthier the bodies, and minds. Healthy bodies and minds are perfect antidotes to viruses. Sunshine is an important source of vitamin D. Vitamin A in foods and Vitamin D from sunshine act synergistically to boost the immune system.

Viviktha is thus a school where children’s health and wellness will be the top priority during current pandemic time. Vast spacious surroundings in the lap of nature, where air quality is clean and fresh, with spacious classrooms are factors that many parents are looking for in the schools during this time. Viviktha is proud to declare that we are just that school where all above are available.

There is also availability of in-house retired Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Bela Dhillon, MD, who is one of the founders and keen to include all time-tested healthy practices and lifestyles in daily curriculum.