Art initiative at Viviktha

Written by (Sudhakar) Vasu Majety

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after growing up”

~ Pablo Picasso

Every soul is blessed with a skill or a talent. Most people leave their bodies without identifying their gifts. Here at Viviktha, we hope to help our students find their gifts.

Art is the creative expression of the imagination of the individual who is performing it. The expression does not need to be in front of an audience it and can be totally personal. Each art, in its distinctive and unique way, gives the individuals an opportunity to express and release their emotions which otherwise are locked in their minds. Whether it is dance, music, origami or pottery, art gives a freedom to the performer to express an idea in the most creative way.

At Viviktha, art is treated as a personal expression, a treasure that each child carries with her. There is no child who does not have a story to tell. Which particular form and means a child chooses to tell her story, and which she takes to intimately, is a result of constant exposure to various art forms. A child may find her calling in dance, another may discover her passion in music, yet another may find it very natural for her to make pots.

A child does not need to be prompted to practice an art form if she finds her niche. The practice is not a ritual for her. It is her personal time, a time of blissful enjoyment. Viviktha provides an environment where there is no rush to master an art and perform it to showcase their talent, but it is like one of the senses – like an intuition or a feeling of the heart that they have but do not need to flaunt for the approval of others.

During the preteen and teen years that children live on the campus, their creative genius will be forming or taking shape. During this time art gives them a creative edge and sharpens their intellect. There has been research that suggests a strong link between various art forms and academic and entrepreneurial success. A balance between the right and the left sides of the brain brings about a harmony of the various energy centers in the body with the result that the child is grounded in her approach to the external world.

Children occupy themselves with art and borderline art forms during their free time and choose from creative writing, clay modeling, paper-craft, mehndi designing, cartooning, face painting, floral carpet designing, origami, digital art, vegetable carving, flower arrangement and more formal arts like dance, music, theatre, painting, drawing, pottery, etc.

Art at Viviktha is a dynamic program and constantly evolves and responds to the global trends in art.