Campus Viviktha is a Wi-Fi free zone to protect young children from electromagnetic fields. All internet connections are wired and are restricted for usage. However, the students are technology literate and start programming from an early age. A scripting language is taught to the children from grade 4. While the children master the basics, they are encouraged to find solutions to real-life problems as well. When most children of their age try to find products to buy, one would find children at Viviktha gearing up to design such products. Their robotics module does not contain a “kit” with experiments that have predefined inputs and predictable outputs. The children are inspired to find solutions to every situation they see around them. Products designed by Viviktha’s children are patented in their names; they are not sent to competitions where stereotyped solutions are showcased and intense marketing of their skills is done. At Viviktha, children do not have any kind of pressure to create a solution. They have in their hands YEARS of constant learning and progression. With expert-level technocrats who visit the campus as guest speakers and conduct seminars and/or workshops, a child’s time at Viviktha is better utilized in learning advanced cutting-edge technologies and skills.

Children learn the following technologies at our Custom Discover Pod lab


Raspberry Pie, Scratch, Bread Board components

Artificial Intelligence:

Logical Solution to problems, Reasoning, Natural Language Concepts, Automatic Programming, Image Processing and more

Machine learning: Algorithms, neural networks

3-D Printing: Mesh, Gear System, Fabrication, Dynamic Surfaces and Chains and more

Drone handling: Flight Aerodynamics, Takeoff, Flight and Landing, Maneuvers and more

Product Designing:  Prototyping of Products using design software