Nutrition – that is exactly what is cooking at Viviktha on any day!

At Viviktha, the kitchen is global. Children are active participants in the aromatic world of the school’s kitchen. They could be making a pizza, wrapping a burrito or mixing noodles, but nutritional values are the base words for every recipe. The produce is from our own garden or locally procured. The local food has a meaning and sense to it. The idea is that the food grown locally has its own intelligence, just the way nature intended. The bees that fly from flower to flower not only collect nectar but also the intelligence to fight/resist the microorganisms of the area like viruses, bacteria and more. Also, most food that is brought from long distances is not good for the environment. At Viviktha the produce is mostly organic except for the Strawberries that come from Mahabaleshwar (which the organic farmers grow sustainably).

Growing bones need protein. Our dairy is from cows that are like family to us at Viviktha. We treat our animals as friends and teach the children to be grateful for what they offer us. A well-treated cow’s milk is like medicine and it helps with a higher vibration and increases a sense of grounding in the children. Children who participate in sports that need agility, strength or speed, are given extra attention to their nutritional needs by their sports coaches.

We believe in the energy that food carries, which in turn depends a lot on the quality of the ingredients and also on the mindset of the cooks. We engage conscious food enthusiasts in our kitchen and let the children, too, take part in the happenings there. This is an activity that the children may choose to participate in or else they can simply come to the kitchen and feast on the delicacies there. Though it is their choice, we are sure that the recipes and the modus operandi of certain delicacies would surely travel from our kitchen to the kitchens of the children’s parents…that would be a delight to us!