At Viviktha, we consider the monthly changes in adolescent girls as a sacred time and allow the pubertal girls to go easy on themselves during those days. They can choose to skip classes and rest during this time. Moon Room, in the hostel block, is provided for this time, where they can read, get a massage, meditate, write in a journal, chant or do gentle yoga under the guidance of a  yoga teacher who suggests customized yoga sessions. A nurse will be available for any questions to be answered and for general assistance. Moon Room is specially designed for girls to be on their own during this time of high connectivity to discover who they really are by going within. It is observed that the right side of the brain is more active during this time. Dreams become more vivid as well. As such at Viviktha, children are encouraged to be in touch with their inner wisdom which, if not nurtured, might take the form of an unpleasant experience. In keeping with our idea of being in harmony with nature, we honor this special time in a girl’s life. Nature intends her to lie low and listen to her physical and deeper needs at this time and we want to support that. We encourage girls to listen to the wisdom that belongs to their inner core in the form of intuition during this time.